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Drug Policy Reform

WCVI’s history of critical evaluation of U.S. programs in Latin America used to interdict and eradicate the drug flow from Latin America and its impact on U.S. Latino communities aligns with WCVI's mission to promote reform, educate the public and policy makers on the negative consequences of the drug war and inaction to progress on the issue. WCVI aims to sensitize new Latino leadership on the fight to end the war on drugs while utilizing key relationships developed throughout our 30-year history.

Currently, WCVI is working in coalition to broaden support of the concept of drug decriminalization among key Latino and immigrant partners in California to provide a general understanding on how drug policy reforms can have a direct impact in their communities. WCVI is working to expand its network and reignite its coalition, formed in 2015, of local Latino leadership that was instrumental in Marijuana Legalization. This work will enable us to engage different constituencies including the immigrant community that has suffered the direct and collateral consequences of the Drug War.