Census Information Center

As a Census Information Center, WCVI will provide all the Census Redistricting Data as it is released. WCVI will provide detailed charts and maps of demographic growth with a special focus on Latinos and other minority communities.

Please visit the Census Data Center for the latest data updates.

Custom Datasets
"BURN ON DEMAND" datasets will be available 2 weeks after Census data is released for your state. Datasets can be customized to meet your redistricting needs (i.e. neighborhood, state, county, municipality). Please order at least 48 hours in advance. Cost for custom datasets based on size of requested information.

Remote Redistricting Sessions

Remote Redistricting Sessions allow the use of our mapmaking software at the convenience of your home or business computer while interacting with legal and demographic experts in an accompanying conference call.
· Technical: Works on standard 56K modem
- Performance increases with higher bandwidth, i.e. DSL, T1.
- Drawn maps will be printed.
- Cost will be determined on size and quantity.
- Must schedule sessions a week in advance of desired date.
- Sessions provided on an availability basis
- Sessions will begin 2 weeks after Census data is released in your state.

Phone/Exit Polling
For those requiring detailed demographic information in specified areas prior to the Census release of the STF-3 dataset (end 2002/early 2003), The William C. Velásquez Institute will conduct phone polls. Phone polling cost will be determined by geographic location and survey sample size.

Redistricting Newsletters and Manual available upon request.

The partnership will provide the following resources:

· Educational seminars on the legal and technical aspects of reapportionment/redistricting
· Technical training on use of redistricting computer hardware and software
· Census, voting and socioeconomic databases for use in drawing districts
· Networking publications and websites
· Advocacy training and initiatives
· Litigation support and analysis

On behalf of the partnership, WCVI requests your active participation. You can participate in the following manner:

· Sponsor a redistricting briefing in your community with representatives from the partnership
· Form a redistricting committee that will identify local historical, legal and computer experts and/or provide personnel to be trained in advocacy, local database acquisition, computer line drawing techniques, legal testimony
· Organize a local delegation of leaders to attend public hearings on Redistricting.

How Do Latinos Vote?
Phone Poll, Exit Surveys & More
Phone Poll, Exit Surveys & More
Antonio Gonzalez On the Airwaves
Antonio Gonzalez On the Airwaves