LOS ANGELES, CA (April 18, 2012). The art and vision of our youth in Los Angeles will be unveiled to its full expression and beauty as FOUR full-size billboards going up near Downtown LA along N. Broadway on Earth Day Latino, April 21-22, 2012 at the Los Angeles Historic State Park.

Earth Day Latino will be the pinnacle event that celebrates the efforts of 20 distinguished high school students from eight highs schools adjacent to the LA River (Downtown Magnet HS, Abraham Lincoln HS, Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary HS, Boyle Heights Tech Academy, Cathedral HS, Wilson HS, Eagle Rock HS, Benjamin Franklin HS) who participated in a three month program hosted by William C. Velazquez Institute.

During this internship, the students learn and about our region’s watershed health and quality, storm water capture and reuse, wildlife conservation, LA River clean up, open space, community efforts to curb pollution, environmental activism/communications, and green jobs.

One of the most significant and exciting accomplishment by the 2012 class of WCVI Eco-Interns will be unveiled as four full sized street-side billboards lining the south side of Elysian Park/Radio Hills Garden and the north edge of the Los Angeles Historic State Park on N. Broadway between the 110FWY and Chinatown.

For the second year, our Eco-Interns have been mentored by Professor Fabian Wagmister of digital media at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television REMAP. Armed with mobile phone cameras and empowered with creative imagination, they actively research and gather information in the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Together, they create a collective expression of the co-existence of nature and the city. Their efforts are translated into a billboard and the final artwork unveils opposite the park on Earth Day Latino. To see all the Eco-Intern’s work this year please visit

The community will come out to rejoice and embrace our youths' leadership and artistic accomplishments. These are the future leaders of our urban neighborhoods and they are very talented. Students and program mentors and sponsors will be hosting Earth Day Latino. We invite the entire Los Angeles community to come out and check out our masterpieces and talk to us about the program and Earth Day Latino. For details on Earth Day event visit us here.


WCVI is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit policy and research organization. Founded in 1985, WCVI is focused on issues relevant to America's racial and ethnic minority groups. WCVI has offices in San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, CA.



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