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A WCVI Educational and Outreach
Campaign on Marijuana Legalization and it’s benefits for Latino Communites

Proposition 64 Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)

California's Prop 64 has become the strictest proposition for regulating business, product and advertisement since the beginning of the marijuana legalization movement with Prop 215 in 1996. In addition, this will break the back of federal marijuana prohibition, diminish violent drug cartels in Mexico, deal a mortal blow to the criminal marijuana illicit market, end wasteful law enforcement spending, halt thousands of deportations, generate billions in new tax dollars for education, health care and the environment, reduce marijuana use among minors, and create small business opportunities for Latin@ entrepreneurs.

What it Will Do

  • Adults 21+ will be allowed to possess marijuana and grow small amounts at home for personal use.
  • Track, control, regulate and tax, California's marijuana market and will no longer be criminalizing responsible adults or incarcerating children.
  • Protect children from business and product advertisements, protect workers, small businesses, law enforcement and local communities.
  • Raise up to $1 billion annually and include anti-monopoly provisions to protect small farmers so that California isn’t overrun by mega-corporations.

What it Will NOT Do

  • Allow businesses to open every where. Local governments will have control over the location of businesses and under Prop 64, it is prohibited for businesses to be within 600 feet of schools and other areas where children are present.
  • Worsen the drought and cause environmental damage. Instead, Prop 64 will assign an environmental task force already in place to respond to environmental damage caused by cultivation and protecting scarce water resources.
  • Increase instances of people driving while under the influence of marijuana. California Highway Patrol (CHP) will receive a grant of $3 million annually to identify driver impairment and improve road safety.

There is much more that Prop 64 will do to benefit California and our communities, to read the whole proposition.

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