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A WCVI Educational and Outreach
Campaign on Marijuana Legalization and it’s benefits for Latino Communites

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where will the money go?

60% of the funds will go to public health prevention, education and treatment programs; 20% will go to environmental cleanup, remediation and restoration of public lands damaged by cultivation, as well as water and environmental enforcement; 20% will go to train local law enforcement to administer new laws, with a focus on DUIs, grant organizations that educate the public on traffic safety, and grants to local governments for enforcement of marijuana laws.

How does this effect the medical marijuana legislation passed in 2015?

Generally speaking, it doesn't. Medical Marijuana will be controlled and regulated according to the bipartisan legislation signed by the Governor—and this measure is simply its non-medical counterpart. The big difference is that this measure will tax marijuana sales and use that revenue to cover all the costs of implementation and still generate billions for state and local governments.

Who is supporting Prop 64

Click here to see the full list of endorsements.

Won’t it be easier for kids to get marijuana once it is legalized?

Children under the age of 18 can easily get their hands on marijuana illegally just as adults can. After all, drug dealers don’t ask for ID. Prop 64 will only allow sales to adults 21 and over and provides new resources to educate youth against drug abuse and train local law enforcement. It bars marijuana businesses from being located within 600 feet from schools and other areas where children are present. Marijuana will not be advertised or packaged in a manner marketed towards children.

Why is this the time to legalize marijuana?

Today, we have a broken system that profits drug cartel which don’t pay taxes, that threatens our kids without protections or safeguards, harms our environment without regulations on water use, and uses law enforcement resources on small, victimless crimes. This measure creates a safe, legal and regulated way to end the war on marijuana, and fund new programs to protect kids, train and equip law enforcement, make our roads safer, and safeguard our water and environment.

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