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Welcome California Raza, Let's Make a Difference on Clean/Reliable WATER Now and Tomorrow!

WCVI launched in June 2016 the Southern California Climate Resiliency Policy Education Initiative in response to the continued drought plaguing California Latinos. The focus of WCVI's ProAgua initiative is to gain support from the Latino community for clean water production through diverse strategies.

WCVI’s ProAgua campaign includes community education, outreach, leadership development and an advocacy program that starts immediately! Our goal is to press our state and local officials to make it a high priority to increase the supply and access of clean, safe drinking water in California.

The project is launching in Orange County whose main feature is countering the Climate Change-caused long term drought in California through diverse strategies for clean and efficient water use and production. In November 2016 at WCVI's 30th Anniversary Conference at the LA River Center we declared our intention to focus on Climate Adaptation as the paramount strategy for Latino Climate Action in California and beyond. Our Southern Cal Climate Resiliency effort implements our strategic vision, beginning with the "Pro-Agua!" project in Orange County.

On December 9, 2017 WCVI convened the CA Latino Summit at the La Kretz Innovation Campus in Los Angeles. The gathered leaders commented on proposed resolution on water policy which has been endorsed by dozens of CA Latino elected officials and organizational leaders. Click the Resolution link below to read and endorse the Latino Water Policy Resolution.

California Latin@ Water Summit: A Community Response to California's 100 Year Drought

In 2017 WCVI is expanding ProAgua to all of Southern California with the goal of educating the community on the drought conservation as well as advocating for funds for storm water capture, ground water reclamation, and desalination.

Spring Activities

Southern California Climate Resiliency Policy Education Initiative