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US Census Report Corroborates WCVI Analysis of Latino Vote in 2008
Census Estimate of 9.7 million Latino Votes Cast Tracks WCVI’s Figure

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LOS ANGELES – On Monday, the US Census Bureau released its analysis the National Latino Vote in November 2008, with figures nearly identical to the report published by the William C. Velasquez Institute (WCVI) in December 2008.

The Census Bureau estimated 9,745,000 Latinos cast votes in 2008, and WCVI estimated 9,701,288 Latino voters; a difference of less than half a percent.

“This shows that the William C. Velasquez Institute, which focuses on the Latino vote, is a reliable and accurate source for Latino voter information,” said WCVI President Antonio Gonzalez.“WCVI put out its voter turnout estimate in December 2008, and six months later the Census Bureau affirmed them. It has become fashionable for groups to present themselves as Latino vote experts even though they are typically unqualified and/or inexperienced. As a result the media has often been misinformed about the size and nature of the Latino vote. We urge analysts and media to learn this lesson going forward,” he continued.

Further, the Census Bureau estimated 131,144,000 total votes cast in the last general election, which compared well to WCVI’s figure of 130,508,123 total votes cast.Comparing registration figures, the Census Bureau was more slightly smaller (5%) than WCVI, claiming 11,608,000 Latino Registered Voters compared to WCVI’s 12,148,790 Latino registered voters.

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The William C. Velásquez Institute (WCVI) is a tax-exempt, non-profit, non-partisan public policy and research organization chartered in 1985. The purpose of WCVI is to conduct research and provide policy initiatives aimed at improving the level of political and economic participation in Latino and other underrepresented communities.

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