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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 10, 2009

Contact: Steven Ochoa, 323-222-2217

WCVI Co-Sponsors Summit on  California Constitutional Convention

( Los Angeles, CA) — The William C. Velasquez Institute (WCVI) announced its sponsorship today of the California Constitutional Convention Summit to be held on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 in Sacramento, California.  The Summit, being hosted by the Bay Area Council, is designed to bring together Californians concerned by the disastrous state of California government and consider convening Constitutional Convention to draft reforms to the state constitution. 

"There is no question that the current California government is dysfunctional, and fiddling around the margins won't solve the problems. We need to tackle the wholesale failures of our government in the areas of budget, revenue, creditworthiness, entitlements, structures, term limits and so on. Our government is in a straitjacket and we have to act now to fix it before its too late," said WCVI President Antonio Gonzalez.  

"Latinos will soon be the majority in California, and we have a vested interest in not only government reform, but making sure our community is properly represented during the convention development process. Acting now to convene a Constitutional Convention has now become the surest path to rescuing our water resources, improving our schools, and revitalizing our economy," Gonzalez continued.

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 About WCVI

The William C. Velásquez Institute (WCVI) is a tax-exempt, non-profit, non-partisan public policy analysis organization chartered in 1985. The purpose of WCVI is to: conduct research aimed at improving the level of political and economic participation in Latino and other underrepresented communities; To provide information to Latino leaders relevant to the needs of their constituents; To inform the Latino leadership and public about the impact of public policies on Latinos; To inform the Latino leadership and public about political opinions and behavior of Latinos.


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