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Letter To The Honorable Nancy Pelosi

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Honorable Nancy Pelosi
United States House of Representatives
Washington D.C., 20515

Madam Speaker:

The below signatory organizations write to strongly express our opposition to the current Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill S. 1348 and to ask for your support in developing a realistic solution to our broken immigration system. The Senate response to Immigration reform is not a good faith effort to address the serious challenges facing our nation’s immigrants. Immigration reform legislation must place an emphasis on family unity, meet our current and future labor shortages, protect our economic sustainability, and provide a true pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who desire to participate in our society.

The foundational tenet of any immigration reform proposal must be do no harm. We will not support a bill that is burdensome, overly punitive, and an oppressive half-measure that does not meet the needs of our immigrant population. We cannot support a bill that offers unattainable triggers as a process for precluding immigrants from attaining legalization. We do not support a bill that creates an underclass of citizens by employing a temporary worker program that does not offer the opportunity for permanent residence, or a merit-based point system that encourages socio-economic discrimination.

We look to the House of Representatives and indeed to you for leadership on crafting a true solution to the challenges faced by a decades-long broken immigration system. We need fair and equitable immigration reform. We thank you for your commitment to the community, and we look forward to working with you in the development of meaningful, humane and long lasting immigration reform.

Most Sincerely,
(Please see signatories page)

Hispanic Federation
Lillian Rodriguez-Lopez - President
55 Exchange Place, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10005

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
Dr. Gabriela D. Lemus – Executive Director
815 16th Street, N.W., 4th floor
Washington, DC 20006

League of United Latin American Citizens
Brent A. Wilkes – Executive Director
2000 L Street, N.W., Suite 610
Washington, DC 20036

National Day Laborer Organizing Network
Chris Newman – Legal Programs Director
675 S. Park View St.
Los Angeles, CA 90057

National Alliance of Latin American
& Caribbean Communities
Oscar A. Chacón – Executive Director
1628 S. Blue Island Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

William C. Velasquez Institute
Antonio González – President
California Office
2914 N. Main Street, 1st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90031



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