Florida Opinion Phone Poll 2004

Florida Cuban Survey
812 Interviews
June 30 – July 7, 2004
MoE: +3.4%

Hello, my name is ______. I'm conducting a confidential poll for WCVI/MirRam Global on issues facing the Hispanic community. In order to get a random sample for our poll, I need to speak to the person in your household who had the most recent birthday, and is at least 18 years old. May I speak with that person please?

   1. Are you 18 years of age or older and of Hispanic origin or descent?

   100%   Yes                 

   2. Are you Cuban born or of Cuban descent?

75%   Yes, Cuban born           

25%    Yes, Cuban descent           

   3. Would you prefer this survey be conducted in English or Spanish?

29%   English           
71%    Spanish             

   4. Where were you born?

74%    Cuba            

16%    Florida (U.S.)             

7%    Other U.S. state         

1%    Puerto Rico             

2%    Other Country         

-    Don’t know/Refused   

   5. I f you were born in Cuba, when did you arrive in the United States?

(If born in Cuba, N=603)

71%   Before 1980               

19%   Between 1980 and 1993         

10%   On 1994 or after            

-    Don’t know/Refused   

   6. What was the main reason why you or your family immigrated to the United States?

11%   Economic reasons

74%   Political reasons/freedom/democracy

8%   To join family

1%   Other

5%   Don’t know/Refused

   7. What is your legal status in the United States?

100%   Citizen                 

-   Resident                 

-   Refugee              

-   Other            

-   Don’t know/Refused   

   8. What would you say is the number one problem facing Hispanics in your area today?


19%   Jobs/economy/unemployment

12%   Schools/Education  

6%   Immigration

6%   Lack of unity/divided community

4%   Discrimination/racism

4%   Poverty

3%   Health care

3%   No political representation

3%   Crime

2%   Housing

2%   Drugs

*   Environment/pollution

9%   Other

27%    Don’t know/Refused

   9. And what would you say is the most important issue or problem facing Hispanics nationally today?

18%   Jobs/economy/unemployment

13%    Schools/Education

9%   Immigration
5%   Discrimination/racism
4%   Lack of unity/divided community
3%   No political representation
3%   Health care
3%   Poverty
2%   Crime
2%   Drugs
1%   Housing
1%   Environment/pollution
10%   Other
26%    Don’t know/Refused

   10. How would you rate the job George Bush is doing as President? Would you say he is doing an excellent job, good, not so good, or a poor job?

38%   Excellent         NET GOOD 70%

32%   Good     
14%    Not so good         NET NOT GOOD 27%
13%   Poor
4%    Don’t know/Refused

   11. How would you rate the job George Bush is doing serving the Hispanic community? Would you say George Bush is doing an excellent job, good, not so good, or a poor job serving the Hispanic community?

24%   Excellent         NET GOOD         64%

39%   Good     

17%    Not so good         NET NOT GOOD      30%

13%   Poor

6%    Don’t know/Refused

  12.   And how would you rate the job George Bush is doing handling the economy? Would you say he is doing an excellent job, good, not so good, or a poor job handling the economy?

21%   Excellent         NET GOOD         61%

40%   Good     

19%    Not so good         NET NOT GOOD      35%

16%   Poor

4%    Don’t know/Refused

  13.   And how would you rate the job George Bush is doing handling the war in Iraq? Would you say he is doing an excellent job, good, not so good, or a poor job handling the war in Iraq?

26%   Excellent         NET GOOD         60%

34%   Good     

16%    Not so good         NET NOT GOOD      34%

19%   Poor

5%    Don’t know/Refused

Thinking now about immigration policy in the United States…

  14.   Do you think the U.S. should:


56%   Enact a program to legalize “illegal immigrants” who have lived in the U.S. for at least five years, are employed, and have no criminal record

20%   Enact a program that allows “illegal immigrants” to work temporarily in the U.S. legally

13%   Try its best to keep “illegal immigrants” from working in the United States

3%   Look the other way and allow illegal immigration

4%   None of the above

1%   Other

4%   Don’t know/Refused

15.   Do you favor or oppose allowing LEGAL immigrants to register to vote in your area?

48%   Strongly favor         NET FAVOR         61%

13%   Somewhat favor

6%   Somewhat oppose      NET OPPOSE      34%

28%   Strongly oppose

5%   Don’t know/Refused

16.   How important are the Presidential candidates’ positions on U.S. policy toward Cuba in deciding which candidate you will support? Would you say their positions on policy towards Cuba are very important, somewhat important, not too important, or not important at all?

47%   Very important      NET IMPORTANT      70%

23%   Somewhat important

13%   Not too important      NET NOT IMPORTANT   23%

10%   Not important at all

7%    Don’t know/Refused

Now I am going to read you some policy statements, and I want you to tell me if you agree or disagree with each of these statements?

17.   American citizens should be able to travel to Cuba without restrictions.

   35%   Strongly agree         NET AGREE         44%

   9%   Somewhat agree

   10%   Somewhat disagree      NET DISAGREE      53%

   43%   Strongly disagree

   3%   Don’t know/Refused

18.   Cuban Americans should be able to visit relatives in Cuba without restrictions.

   38%   Strongly agree         NET AGREE         48%

   9%   Somewhat agree

   14%   Somewhat disagree      NET DISAGREE      49%

   36%   Strongly disagree

   3%   Don’t know/Refused

19.   The U.S. government should put a great deal of effort in bringing an end to the Castro government in Cuba.

   70%   Strongly agree         NET AGREE         83%

   13%   Somewhat agree

   6%   Somewhat disagree      NET DISAGREE      14%

   8%   Strongly disagree

   3%   Don’t know/Refused

20.   Bringing an end to the Castro government should not be a priority for the United States since other issues like Iraq are more important.

   41%   Strongly agree         NET AGREE         59%

   18%   Somewhat agree

   15%   Somewhat disagree      NET DISAGREE      36%

   22%   Strongly disagree

   5%   Don’t know/Refused

21.   The current U.S. policy towards Cuba is not working and a new approach is needed.

   59%   Strongly agree         NET AGREE         73%

   14%   Somewhat agree

   9%   Somewhat disagree      NET DISAGREE      22%

   13%   Strongly disagree

   5%   Don’t know/Refused

22.   President Bush has announced that he would implement measures that would affect contact between Cuban Americans and their relatives in Cuba. How familiar are you with these measures – would you say you are very familiar, somewhat familiar, not too familiar, or not familiar at all with these measures?

38%   Very familiar         NET FAMILIAR      68%

30%   Somewhat familiar

13%   Not too familiar      NET NOT FAMILIAR   30%

16%   Not familiar at all

2%   Don’t know/Refused

Now I am going to read you some of these measures being implemented by the Bush Administration, and I want you to tell me if you approve or disapprove of each of these measures?


23.   Visits from Cuban Americans to their relatives in Cuba will be reduced from once a year to once every three years and each trip will require a specific license from the Federal Treasury Department.

   50%   Strongly approve      NET APPROVE      59%

   9%   Somewhat approve

   7%   Somewhat disapprove      NET DISAPPROVE      37%

   30%   Strongly disapprove

   3%   Don’t know/Refused

24.   The new policy does not allow for extra visits to Cuba, even for family emergencies or a death in the family.

   28%   Strongly approve      NET APPROVE      35%

   7%   Somewhat approve

   13%   Somewhat disapprove      NET DISAPPROVE      63%

   49%   Strongly disapprove

   2%   Don’t know/Refused

25.   Cuban Americans can only get a license to visit immediate family – parents, brothers, children, spouses, grandparents and grandchildren. Cuban Americans cannot get a license to visit aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins or any other family members.

   47%   Strongly approve      NET APPROVE      56%

   9%   Somewhat approve

   11%   Somewhat disapprove      NET DISAPPROVE      41%

   31%   Strongly disapprove

   3%   Don’t know/Refused

26.   Cuban American visitors will be able to send financial assistance of $100 per month only to immediate family members – that is, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, or grandparents, but not to other relatives. Before these measurements were implemented Cuban Americans could send financial assistance to any family member.

   49%   Strongly approve      NET APPROVE      62%

   13%   Somewhat approve

   8%   Somewhat disapprove      NET DISAPPROVE      36%

   28%   Strongly disapprove

   2%   Don’t know/Refused

27.   Please tell me if the implementation of these measures raises major doubts in your mind, minor doubts, no real doubts, or no doubts at all about President Bush’s commitment to the Cuban community. If you do not think President Bush is implementing these measures, please say so.

23%    Major doubts

14%   Minor doubts

15%   No real doubts

36%   No doubts at all

7%   Not implementing

5%   Don’t know/Refused

28.   If a presidential candidate supported unrestricted travel to Cuba would that make you more or less likely to vote for that candidate?

23%    Much more likely      NET MORE LIKELY   33%

9%   Somewhat more likely

10%   Somewhat less likely      NET LESS LIKELY      49%

39%   Much less likely

18%   Don’t know/Refused

29.   And if a presidential candidate supported unrestricted remittances to Cuba would that make you more or less likely to vote for that candidate?

22%    Much more likely      NET MORE LIKELY   32%

10%   Somewhat more likely

13%   Somewhat less likely      NET LESS LIKELY      50%

37%   Much less likely

18%   Don’t know/Refused

30.   Which of the following statements comes closer to your own point of view to explain President Bush’s new policies towards Cuba?

53%   President Bush will apply these measures because he believes they will accelerate change in Cuba.

35%   President Bush will apply these measures because he believes they will help him win the next presidential election.

12%   Don’t know/Refused

31.   Are you registered to vote?

89%   Yes

11%   No

*   Don’t know/Refused

32.   What is the main reason you are not registered to vote? (If not registered, N=91)

   23%   Don’t want to vote/vote doesn’t matter

   20%   I intend to register/haven’t had a chance  

   12%   Not a citizen    

   7%   I never like candidates on the ballot          

   6%   Don’t know how to register       

   1%   Don’t know that I need to register     

   7%   Other   

   25%   Don’t know/Refused            

33.   And with which political party are you registered? Are you registered as a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or are you registered with some other party or are you not registered with any party? (If registered, N=721)

43%   Democrat

34%   Republican

12%   Independent

*   Other

8%    No party

2%   Don’t know/Refused

34.   How often would you say you vote for a candidate for public office from a different political party than the one with which you are registered to vote?

16%   Always

8%   Usually

35%   Sometimes

28%   Never

12%   Does not apply

2%   Don’t know/Refused


35.   Now thinking about the elections in November of this year…If the election for President was held today and the candidates were Republican George W. Bush, Democrat John Kerry, and independent Ralph Nader, for whom would you vote?

63%   George W. Bush      NET BUSH      66%

3%   Lean George W. Bush

15%   John Kerry         NET KERRY      16%

1%   Lean John Kerry

3%   Ralph Nader         NET NADER      3%

*   Lean Ralph Nader

2%   None/Won’t vote

10%   Undecided

3%   Refused

Now I have just a few more questions for demographic purposes only.


36.   What is your age please?

8%   18-24

17%   25-34

28%   35-49

7%    50-54

15%    55-64

24%    65+

2%   Don’t know/Refused

37.   What is the last grade of school you completed, or the highest degree you’ve received?

1%   Grades 1 & 2

1%   Grades 3 & 4

6%   Grade 5-8

7%   Grades 9-11

28%   High school graduate  

20%   Some college

29%   College graduate

7%   Post-graduate

2%   Don’t know/Refused

38.   What is your current marital status? Are you…?

19%   Single

56%   Married

11%   Divorced

1%   Separated

10%   Widowed

2%   Unmarried but living as a couple with someone

1%   Don’t know/Refused

39.   Do you own your own home or apartment or do you rent?

69%   Own

24%   Rent

4%   Other

3%   Don’t know/Refused

40.   What is your zip code?

41.   How long have you lived in the area where you currently live?


26%   5 years or less

27%   6-15 years

20%   16-25 years

19%   More than 25 years

7%   Lifetime

1%    Don’t know/Refused

42.   Are you now employed full-time outside the home, part time outside the home,    not employed, self-employed, or retired?

49%   Full time

6%   Part time

13%   Not employed

21%   Retired/Disabled

5%   Self employed

2%   Homemaker

2%   Student

2%   Don’t know/Refused

43.   If you have children under 18, do they attend a public school, attend a private or parochial school, or do you have children in both public and private, parochial schools?

23%   Public school

7%   Private or parochial school

1%   Both public and private or parochial schools

63%   No children under 18

6%   Don’t know/Refused

44.   Did one or both of your parents attend college?

20%   One

16%   Both

60%   Neither

4%   Don’t know/Refused

45.   In terms of politics, would you describe yourself as very liberal, somewhat liberal, moderate, somewhat conservative, or very conservative?

10%   Very liberal         NET LIBERAL      24%

14%   Somewhat liberal

23%   Moderate         NET MODERATE      23%

28%   Somewhat conservative

17%   Very conservative      NET CONSERVATIVE   45%

9%   Don’t know/Refused

46.   Did you vote in the 2000 election for President?

75%   Yes

24%   No

2%   Don’t know/Refused

47.   In the 2000 presidential election, did you vote for George W. Bush, Al Gore, Ralph Nader, or someone else? (If voted in 2002, N=606)

81%   Bush

14%   Gore

1%   Nader

1%   Someone else

2%   Don’t know/Refused

48.   Have you ever traveled to Cuba?

30%   Yes

68%   No

1%   Don’t know/Refused

49.   Do you have parents, children, siblings, grandparents, or grandchildren living in Cuba?

38%   Yes

60%   No

2%   Don’t know/Refused

50.   Do you send money to them? (If close relatives in Cuba, N=311)

61%   Yes

39%   No

1%   Don’t know/Refused

51.   Do you have other relatives living in Cuba?

71%   Yes

27%   No

2%   Don’t know/Refused

52.   Do you send money to them? (If other relatives in Cuba, N=577)

33%   Yes

66%   No

*   Don’t know/Refused

53.   In 2003, did you or any member of your household receive any welfare or public assistance, or food stamps or Medicaid?

15%   Yes

83%   No

   2%   Don’t know/Refused

54.   Please tell me if you speak…:

16%   Spanish only with no English

24%   Mostly Spanish with some English

51%   Both Spanish and English equally

7%   Mostly English with some Spanish

1%   English only with no Spanish

   1%   Refused

55.   Some people prefer to be called Latinos; others prefer to be called Hispanic; and still others want to be identified by their country of origin or ancestry-such as Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian. How about you? Which of these do you prefer to be called?

12%   Latino

24%   Hispanic

40%   Country of origin; Cuban

9%   American  

6%   Other

   8%   Don’t know/Refused

56.   And finally, which of the following income categories best describes your total 2003 household income?

7%   $10,000 or less

11%   $10,000-$20,000

13%   $20,000-$30,000

11%   $30,000-$40,000

10%   $40,000-$50,000

12%   $50,000-$75,000

18%   $75,000 or more

   17%   Don’t know/Refused

A.   Gender

   48%   Male

   52%   Female

B.   County

   85%   Miami-Dade

   4%   Palm Beach

   5%   Hillsborough

   7%   Broward

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