Latino Voter Research

According to the Census 2010 results, there are over 50 million Latinos in the United States -a 43% increase compared to 2010. By 2020 that figure is expected to grow again to 60-65 million!

Latinos are 2nd largest racial/ethnic subgroup in the US. We are the largest racial/ethnic minority group. We are the youngest subgroup. What does this mean for you? A wealth of opportunity? Growing buying power? A growing political voice?

As a recognized expert in Latino Opinion Research, Policy Research and Demographic analysis WCVI can help you!

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During 2003-17 WCVI had survey research partnerships with the Hamilton Beattie Group, the MIRRAM Group, Dr. Henry Flores of St. Mary's University, the Global Research Group, the Tulchin Group and Sextant Research that conducted landmark Latino voter opinion surveys on:

  • California Latinos Views on Energy Issues (2013);
  • National Latino Views on Immigration reform (2003);
  • LA Latino Views on Los Angeles River Revitalization (2006);
  • Orange County and California Latino Views on California Water policy (2016, 2017); and Florida Cuban American Views on US Cuba Relations (2003, 2004);

View WCVI's compendium of Latino voting and registration data from the Current Population Survey, Voting and Registration series, 1972-2016 by clicking here.

During 2008 to the present WCVI issued biennial analyses of the national Latino vote based on the US Census Bureau's Current Population Survey (CPS), Voting and Registration series 1972-2016.

During 2008-16 WCVI executed policy research partnerships with Dr. Avelardo Valdez of Valdez Social Research, Dr. Miguel Tinker Salas of Pomona College, Dr. Raul Hinojosa of the UCLA NAIDCenter, Albert Jacquez, and Dr. Blanca Gordo of UC Berkeley.

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They produced the following policy publications on:

Background: Latino Voter Research Program

Originally part of SVREP -our parent organization- Latino Voter Research was led during 1982 to 1994 by Dr. Robert Brischetto. Under Brischetto, WCVI (then called SVRI -Southwest Voter

Research Institute) conducted the first ever national Latino exit survey in 1984, a feat not duplicated again until 2004 under Dr. Henry Flores of St. Mary's University.

During 2004 Dr. Flores put WCVI's Survey program in the national spotlight when he successfully challenged the Network Exit Polls Latino Voter results. Claiming the NEP was biased towards incumbent President Bush, Flores caused NBC to reject the NEP results and confess to methodologically flawed oversampling of mostly Cuban American Florida Republican Voters ...and representing that as the Latino vote. NBC then released its own results ...results that were much closer to WCVI's exit survey results on Latino voting preferences!

Dr. Brischetto also founded the state exit survey programs in Texas and California in 1986. These state surveys continued during 1996-2008 under subsequent LVR program coordinators Robert Aguinaga and Steven Ochoa.

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How Do Latinos Vote?
Phone Poll, Exit Surveys & More
Phone Poll, Exit Surveys & More
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Antonio Gonzalez On the Airwaves