Intermestic Initiatives

The goal of the Intermestic Initiatives program is to develop, through a program of training sessions, seminars, polls, and publications, a group of Latino leaders across the nation articulate in the key issues of US-Latin America relations.

Currently, WCVI is researching and critiquing key issues such as:

2015: Ending the War on Drugs

2015: Licensed People to People Travel to Cuba

  • Latino Leaders Educational Seminar to Venezuela
    Meet with community leaders, elected officials, opposition representatives, and the people of Venezuela to experience first hand the Bolivarian Revolution.
  • December 2008 Report from Antonio Gonzalez
    • U.S. "War on Drugs"
      WCVI is embarking on a critical evaluation of U.S. programs in Latin America used to interdict and eradicate the drug flow from Latin America and its impact on U.S. Latino communities. WCVI is evaluating the effectiveness of U.S. policy in addition to exploring alternate strategies.
    • Immigration Policy Reform
      In an effort to provide fair and equal treatment to all undocumented persons, WCVI is engaging in research and advocacy to open the dialogue on U.S. Immigration policy. Survey research shows that Latinos are strongly in favor of reforming current immigration laws to naturalize larger numbers of the undocumented. In its advocacy, WCVI uses its research to educate policymakers.
    • *NEW* January 2009 White Paper on Legalization
    • Reforming U.S. Farm Policy
      WCVI has joined a broad alliance to ensure a more equitable, cost-efficient, and environmental-minded farm bill reform in 2007. The existing bill has neglected to benefit Latinos and other minority groups, who are often excluded. WCVI is seeking reform to offer our communities a fairer, less distorted market, better opportunities, cleaner air and water supply, protection of wildlife habitats, and an overall better quality of life.
    • The California Latino Summit on U.S.-Mexico Relations
      A recently formed alliance of elected officials, labor, business, academics and community organizations, has agreed upon a list of principles that encourage the implementation of humane, fair, and sound immigration policies.
    How Do Latinos Vote?
    Phone Poll, Exit Surveys & More
    Phone Poll, Exit Surveys & More
    Antonio Gonzalez On the Airwaves
    Antonio Gonzalez On the Airwaves