WCVI Announces

Marijuana Reform Leadership Meetings

Please join WCVI as we begin a policy dialogue on legalizing (I.E. taxing and regulating) Marijuana for recreational use in California. As we head into the 2016 Election Cycle, WCVI will be visiting Southern California Counties in the weeks & months ahead to meet with Latino Community Leaders about this important issue. Please see the schedule below.

- Antonio Gonzalez, President, WCVI
County Tour Schedule:
August 17-23: Orange/San Diego
August 24-30: San Bernardino/Riverside
August 31-Sept 9: Ventura/Santa Barbara
Sept 10-20: Los Angeles
Sept 21-30: TBD
To set up a meeting please contact:
Francisco J. Negrete
Community Education & Outreach Coordinator
O: 323-205-2190 / C: 562-805-0000
Key Marijuana Prohibition Facts that You Should Know
  • 2001-2010: 8 Million Marijuana Arrests. 90% for Possession.
  • 2010: 853k Marijuana Arrest. 300k MORE than Violent Crimes Combined.
  • 40% of all Criminal Deportations Proceedings are Drug Related, Including Minor Possession Offenses.
  • Drug Offenders comprise 500k, making it one Forth of the Prison Population.
  • Since 2006 50k-70k Mexicans Disappeared or Were Killed Due to Drug Trafficking.
  • Marijuana Legalization Would Reduce Government Expenditure by $8.7 BILLION & Generate the Same Amount in Tax Revenue.
  • Almost 60% of Cartel Profits Come From Marijuana.
  • 2011: $60 Million in Cost to California for Marijuana Incarceration.
How Do Latinos Vote?
Phone Poll, Exit Surveys & More
Phone Poll, Exit Surveys & More
Antonio Gonzalez On the Airwaves
Antonio Gonzalez On the Airwaves